Water Filter

For most people clean water is natural – but not for people being in case of a disaster/disaster region or for those living in difficult life circumstances.

Ewapu WS-1a small water purification system is able to clean water for up to 500 people. The membrane filters out dirt and germs like viruses and bacteria*. The new developed hand pump gives you the possibility to use the system without the need for electricity.
The 3 main components (prefilter, hand pump and the ultrafilter) built a modular system – able to be easily maintained, extendable and modified. The filter system is small and compact and can be installed fixed or mobile for disaster relief…
Both filters (prefilter and ultramembrane) can be cleaned and backflushed.
Ewapu is exclusively manufactured by Nature HSA Systems GmbH.

Water system (mounting example)


This example shows how the three components can be mounted.

(individual components can be replaced)


Initial flow-rate:

                      up to 20 liters per minute






Functionality (Filter principle)

The functional principle is like a colander, only this sieve, here the ultramembrane, has a much finer grid structure. Thus, even bacteria and viruses are filtered out* (get stuck in the "sieve").



Setup (core components – individual components can be replaced)




The prifilter is protecting the pump and works as a lifetime extender for the nanomembrane – so it get not stuck with all the big dirt.

This makes it possible without the need for an higher situated water tank to pump the water through the filter.


The ultramembrane is filtering out particels and organisms bigger than 10-15nm. These could be bacteria or viruses.


System details

Main characteristics
Operation temperature: 4°C – 45°C
Both filters (ultra and pre) can be backflushed.

Nominal filtration: 70µm
Filter medium: stainless steel
Filter (+ housing) certifications: DM25, EAC and ACS
Average lifespan: 3 years

Nanofilter (*)
MWCO: 150kDa
Nominal filtration: 15nm
Filter medium: hydrophilic Polyethersulfone
Bacteria retention: 99,9999999% (log 9 – tested with E. Coli)
Virus retention: 99,999 (log 5 – tested with MS2-bacteriophage [27nm])
Membrane approvals/compliances: NSF, KIWA, DVGW und KTW
Average lifespan: 3 year

Material: POM and stainless steel
Pumping capacity: up to 28l / minute
Pumping capacity – one turn: about 400ml
Minimum lifespan: 2 years